Mikdash: A Jewish Guide to the New Sanctuary Movement

T’ruah’s complete Jewish guide to the New Sanctuary Movement is here in a revised and expanded edition! This resource includes:

  • Background information on sanctuary and immigration, placing them in the larger context of white nationalism and America’s history with immigration
  • Concrete steps to take
  • An original essay grounding sanctuary work in Jewish tradition and text
  • A concise summary of Bible scholar Christiana Van Houten’s monograph Alien in Israelite Law
  • Three ready-to-use text studies
  • Stories of how Jewish communities are involved in the sanctuary movement, including immigrants facing deportation within the Jewish community
  • The Sanctuary Mezuzah, an 8.5×11 poster to print and hang as a public declaration of your community’s commitment to immigrant rights

Download it now and move your community forward on the path of sanctuary.

We’re grateful to Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah for partly funding this revised and expanded edition.