T’ruah’s sanctuary network, Mikdash, is made up of over 70 member communities. We work as part of an interfaith network to mobilize synagogues and other Jewish communities to protect those facing deportation or other immigration challenges. By becoming part of the Mikdash network, communities pledge to take concrete actions, which may include legal support, housing, financial help, and other assistance for our friends and neighbors. 

The New Sanctuary Movement — a coalition of hundreds of immigrant and faith-based organizations — works to protect and defend immigrants in the United States, especially those at risk for arrest and deportation. At T’ruah, we believe we have a moral obligation to join in their struggle, honoring the biblical injunction to “welcome the stranger” as well as the memory of Jewish refugees around the world. 

With our help, Jewish communities across the United States are joining with others to take action to support and protect the vulnerable. 

If your congregation is interested in learning more about becoming a sanctuary community, please contact T’ruah’s Director of Organizing Rabbi Nora Feinstein at nfeinstein@truah.org.

Campaign News

  • April 21, 2020

    Halting Immigration is a Political Ploy

    T’ruah denounces President Trump’s intention — announced late last night via tweet — to temporarily suspend immigration to the U.S. This planned executive order would…
  • August 15, 2019

    Joint Statement from T’ruah Rabbis in Rhode Island and members of The Board of Rabbis of Greater Rhode Island

    We denounce and call for an investigation into the actions of the employees of this for-profit facility. We will remain steady in our commitment to nonviolent action, even in the face of such callous disregard for the lives and safety of our friends, congregants, students, and neighbors. As those of us present sang many times that evening, “Olam chesed yibaneh: We will build this world from love.”

  • July 11, 2019

    ICE Raids Cruel, Immoral and Inhumane

    The Trump administration is acting like the leaders of the biblical Sodom, whose primary sin, according to rabbinic literature, was their abuse of foreigners and their xenophobia. The people of Sodom acted out of fear, hatred, and intolerance. It is shameful that our country is following their example. With these raids, our country is acting as another Sodom: A place where injustice masquerades as rule of law. We call on our leaders in government and law enforcement to be guided by justice and mercy, and to take a compassionate and moral approach to the immigrants who now call our country home.

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