Share the Human Rights Message With Educational Resources and Gear from T’ruah

Resisting Tyrants Since Pharaoh T-shirt

“Resisting Tyrants Since Pharaoh” T-Shirts

Our “Resisting Tyrants Since Pharaoh” shirts are union-made, attention-grabbing, and a great way to spread the word about T’ruah. (Our logo is on the back.) A portion of each sale goes directly to T’ruah’s working advancing and protecting human rights. $20 plus shipping.


Protest Placards

At a time when standing up publicly for the vulnerable among us is more important than ever, we hope you will support T’ruah by carrying our message far and wide. In a hurry? Download our placards here (free of charge) and print them out at your local print shop.


Mikdash Guide

“Mikdash: A Jewish Guide to the New Sanctuary Movement”

The New Sanctuary Movement protects immigrants in the United States, especially those at risk for arrest and deportation. T’ruah’s revised and expanded guide has background information, text studies, and action steps you can take, whether you lead a giant synagogue or are just an individual acting independently.


Fair Trade Chocolate, Coffee & Cocoa

Bring Jewish values to your celebrations, with Fair Trade-certified kosher Chanukah gelt, kosher-for- Passover chocolate, coffee, cocoa, and more. A portion of each purchase (if you go through our link) benefits T’ruah.


‘A Very Brief Introduction to the Occupation’

T’ruah and Breaking the Silence (a group of Israeli army vets educating people about the occupation) produced this 16-page, pocket-sized pamphlet as a resource for participants in our Go and See programs in the West Bank. It offers basic definitions for understanding the Israeli occupation, testimonies from an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian civilian, a brief text study, and recommendations for further reading.



Display this sticker on your computer, or in your office, or on your refrigerator, and let the world know about the Jewish values that inform why you stand up publicly for human rights in these perilous times.


The Jewish Handbook on Mass Incarceration

This 170-page guide gives you everything you need to help your community get involved in creating a more fair criminal justice system—short briefings on issues, Jewish texts, prayers, and ways to take action.

Currently Sold Out!

Download this handbook for free here.

Fair Food T-shirts

Your activist T-shirt collection needs an update! Show your support for fair food tomatoes and the #TomatoRabbis with this stylish shirt.


Rosh Hashanah Cards

Inside is a quote from the Zohar in Hebrew and English, followed by this message: “Even in the darkest moments, liberation remains possible. May the blast of the shofar awaken all of us to bring freedom and justice to the world.” This card (produced for Rosh Hashanah 5779/2018) does not list a year, and can be used for upcoming new years. It features the image “Rosh Hashanah 2,” which is part of the D’rash Design Project by mixed and multimedia artist Christina Mattison Ebert. The project includes an image for every Torah portion and major Jewish holiday, inspired by anything from particular verses within the portion to the associated Haftarah text.