T’ruah staff, leaders, and alumni of our student programs can be available to speak about issues including:

  • The Image of God: Implications for contemporary human rights.
  • The Jewish origins of human rights.
  • Mass incarceration in Jewish thought and in the current sociopolitical landscape.
  • Israel and the Palestinians: A Jewish approach.
  • Policing in Jewish thought and in contemporary life.
  • Bedouin Israelis: A Jewish and legal response to the current dilemma.
  • African asylum seekers in Israel from a Jewish and international human rights law perspective.
  • Slavery and trafficking: From Mitzrayim to the U.S. labor force.
  • Worker rights in Judaism and today.

Speakers expect an honorarium appropriate to the type of engagement, amount of preparation required, and who is speaking. To request a speaker, e-mail office@truah.org