As the Israeli occupation reaches its fiftieth year, it has never been more important for rabbis to see what the occupation has meant for Israelis and Palestinians on the ground. For the occupation to end and for a just peace to take hold, it is our duty as rabbis to “go and see” the reality for ourselves, so that we can tell transformative stories to our communities and advocate for a sustainable two-state solution.

Join your rabbinic colleagues for two upcoming opportunities:

We will learn about the development of the occupation and settlements for the last fifty years, and assess the impact of these policies through the lenses of human rights, the lived experiences of Palestinians and former Israeli soldiers, and Jewish text.

If there is sufficient interest, we will run a second trip on Sunday, July 16. Please click here to submit a form to Itamar Haritan, T’ruah’s Israel Program Manager, and we may organize an additional tiyyul on that date.