Since 2009, T’ruah has been one of the leading Jewish voices in the fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery. The heart of this campaign is our #TomatoRabbis partnership with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a grassroots worker-rights organization whose Fair Food Program prevents forced labor, and brings higher wages and human rights to Florida’s tomato workers.

Now it’s your turn to become a #TomatoRabbi. Travel with T’ruah to Florida to meet with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Over the course of this 48-hour immersive experience, you will

  • learn from coalition members about the history of forced labor in the fields and how the Campaign for Fair Food has brought about a new day for farmworkers;
  • visit a participating grower to see firsthand how working conditions have changed as a result of the Fair Food Program;
  • carry out a protest at a local Wendy’s or Publix supermarket;
  • strategize about how best to bring your experience back home and engage your congregants in the Campaign for Fair Food;
  • build relationships with other participants and T’ruah staff; and
  • become part of the powerful network of #TomatoRabbis.
“The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has achieved tremendous human rights victories, and they wisely require allies to trust farmworkers to assert their own goals and strategies. By visiting CIW in person, I learned firsthand not only about their unique and effective methods but also about how to be an effective rabbinic ally. Fellow colleagues and I left Immokalee informed, inspired, and eager to continue this vital work.”
—Rabbi Daniel Kirzane


#TomatoRabbi delegations usually happen once a year in the fall. Trip dates are announced as soon as they are confirmed.