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Whether you're a seasoned activist or taking your first steps to protect human rights,
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  • Tell Israel to Protect Asylum Seekers

    Israel has an opportunity to join the other nations of the world in fairly evaluating the asylum claims of those seeking refuge from Eritrea, South Sudan, and elsewhere, rather than violating human rights law and Jewish moral values by imprisoning these asylum seekers or deporting them to third countries.

  • End Mass Incarceration

    As a nation, we face a deficit of rachamim, mercy. The Torah refers to those who have committed crimes as achicha (your brother), and as Jews, we believe that teshuvah, repentance, is always possible. Yet today’s criminal justice system—which disproportionately affects people of color–is based solely on punishment, rather than teshuvah, redemption and restorative justice. Mass incarceration produces long sentences for non-violent crime, destroys families, and decimates communities. Resources that could be spent on education, jobs, and rebuilding lives are spent on locking people up.

  • Stop Demolition and Forced Relocation of Bedouin Homes

    Send a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu asking him to stop destroying Bedouin homes, mosques, and gravesites. These actions violate Jewish law, contradict the founding…