According to midrash, after the construction of the mishkan (tabernacle), some Israelites accused Moses of skimming off the top. Moses responded with a full accounting of the donations that the people had made—and not a sliver of gold or a single jewel was missing. Our Jewish organizations should adhere to the same standard of transparency in letting us know whether our gifts support Israel or peace-blocking settlements.

After a year of requests from members of the T’ruah network, the Jewish National Fund released a list of projects as part of their 2014 tax returns, letting us know for the first time how much funding by U.S. donors supports settlement projects. We learned that, in addition to many worthwhile initiatives that support the state of Israel, JNF-USA also invests in the Gush Etzion visitors center, which traffics in pro-settlement propaganda, a group that supports archaeological sites in the occupied Palestinian territories, and Face of Israel, whose major purpose appears to be attacking human rights organizations.

Campaign News

  • September 6, 2017

    Statement on Bogus “Bedouin” Fashion Show at NY Fashion Week

    The OR Movement should donate the proceeds from the auction of dresses made from Bedouin embroidery to the Laqiyia Women’s Association as compensation for misleading the women into making dresses for a cause they do not believe in. We also call on the OR Movement and JNF to end their participation in development projects that come at the expense of Bedouin citizens of Israel, like the “Hiran” project.

  • September 13, 2016

    Victory: JNF releases list of projects

    After more than a year of T'ruah supporters asking JNF-USA to commit to the #MosesStandard (full transparency about where their donor dollars go), they have released a…
  • December 15, 2015

    JNF to T’ruah: We Don’t Fund Settlements, Except When We Do

    T’ruah supporters have been asking the Jewish National Fund to come clean about how much of our U.S. donor money ends up over the Green…

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Aug 03, 2017