T’ruah works as part of an interfaith network to mobilize synagogues and other communities to protect those facing deportation or other immigration challenges. By becoming “mikdash” or sanctuary synagogues, communities pledge to take concrete actions, which may include legal support, housing, financial help, and other assistance for the sojourners in our midst.

If your congregation is interested in becoming a sanctuary community or in learning more, please contact T’ruah’s Congregational Organizer Salem Pearce at spearce@truah.org

Campaign News

  • June 26, 2018

    T’ruah Appalled that ‘Muslim Ban’ Upheld

    This discriminatory executive order, which continues to effectively close our borders to Muslims, flagrantly violates America’s longstanding, values-driven commitment to serving as a safe haven for refugees and immigrants. Masked as an effort to ensure national security, this third executive order is more of the same Islamophobia that targets Muslims by reinstating the discredited vetting procedures, established after September 11, 2001, aimed at men from Muslim-majority countries.

  • June 20, 2018

    Don’t Be Fooled: ‘Zero Tolerance’ Remains Inhumane Despite Exec Order

    We call on this administration to: End the zero tolerance policy instituted by Attorney General Sessions. Immediately reunite all families who have been separated. Allow asylum seekers, including those fleeing gang violence and domestic violence, a fair chance to apply for asylum. 

  • June 15, 2018

    27 Jewish Organizations Condemn Family Separation Policy

    Twenty-seven national Jewish organizations, including T’ruah, call for an end to the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy at the border.

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