In 2016, we achieved a major victory in ensuring that U.S. taxpayer money does not support terrorists. We complained to the IRS that Honenu—a group that was giving cash payments to Israelis convicted of terrorism and to their families—was receiving tax exempt donations through the Central Fund of Israel, a U.S. foundation. The IRS investigated, and Central Fund of Israel cut off funding to Honenu until the latter ended this practice. Honenu continues to provide legal support for Israelis accused or convicted of terrorism. We believe that this is a legitimate use of funds, as human rights standards dictate that everyone deserves fair legal representation, no matter his or her crime. However, the practice of no-strings-attached cash payments to terrorists crossed a U.S. legal line. The IRS agreed.

Now we are asking the IRS to investigate funding of other Israeli organizations that incite or directly engage in violence against Palestinians.

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