“No one has the moral right to ask my ownership claim to land, but I will take you to the cemetery and show you my father is buried there, my grandfather is buried there. According to Bedouin law that is enough. The Ottomans recognized this, the British recognized this, only the Israelis don’t. We were here before the establishment of the state of Israel.”

—Mohamed Abu Frieha, of the village of Abu Grainat

T’ruah’s campaign for Bedouin rights aims to ensure equality and non-discrimination for Bedouin citizens of Israel.

We are partnering with Israeli Bedouin and Jewish organizations and leaders to prevent the demolition of “unrecognized” Bedouin villages in the Negev and forced displacement of tens of thousands of Israeli Bedouin from their land. We work toward a mutually agreed-upon solution involving government recognition of Bedouin villages and the provision of government services and infrastructure as the best way to resolve land issues in the Negev. This strategy has already proven effective with Bedouin communities in the Galilee.

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