Share the Human Rights Message With Educational Resources
and Gear from T’ruah

The Jewish Handbook on Mass Incarceration

This 170-page guide gives you everything you need to help your community get involved in creating a more fair criminal justice system—short briefings on issues, Jewish texts, prayers, and ways to take action.

Fair Food T-shirts

Your activist T-shirt collection needs an update! Show your support for fair food tomatoes and the #TomatoRabbis with this stylish shirt.

Fair Trade Products

Bring Jewish values to your celebrations, with fair trade Chanukah gelt, Kosher for Passover chocolate, coffee, tea, and more.

Anti-Trafficking Haggadah

Bring conversations about modern-day slavery into your Passover seder. Features reflections from three dozen side-commentaries by rabbis, activists, and survivors of human trafficking, which offer a diverse array of personal perspectives on the topic.